After selecting a Landscape Construction company to build your garden (either our recommendation or your own choice), you can commission us to monitor the works on your behalf.

Garden landscape construction has a number of differing challenges with many specialised areas (hard and soft landscaping, lighting, irrigation, position of utilities, water table, structures and commissioned features to name but a few) and we will make regular visits to the site to ensure that your garden is delivered exactly as planned and with as little stress to you as possible.

Lighting is a key component of many designs and adds another dimension to your garden at night. Should you wish, Sakura Garden Design Limited will create a beautiful lighting design that not just enhances your garden, but adds a sophisticated view from your property and enables you to extend the use of the garden with friends and family throughout the year.

Water is another key component of garden design. Whether that be a stream, a rill, a fountain, a water sculpture or reflective pools or ponds, it is important that it is designed well and looks good. Water in the garden gives an additional depth and feel to a design. It can be used to attract wildlife into your garden or just be a visual and sensory feast for you. Should you commission us to design your water feature, we will ensure all of the construction plans are prepared to enable the build to progress to a professional finish. If you combine a water design with a lighting plan, the effect can be quite stunning. We work with respected professionals and artists across the UK and of course, we work for you and fully welcome your ideas and input into the process

Lush and luxurious planting coupled with clean, strong, architectural design lines are our calling card. Once a planting plan and plant schedule has been prepared, we can source and plant the plants for you, thus ensuring the correct setting out and look for your design.

We work with a small number of specialist trade nurseries to source the best possible plants for you and will check the correct number, specimens and sizes are delivered to you as requested.

We have contacts with a select number of specialist artists, designers, suppliers and sculptors and can arrange for pots and planters, garden furniture and commissioned work to be purchased and installed. Please enquire for further details.

We can provide a written maintenance plan for your plants to ensure your garden fulfils its true potential.

Should your design feature mature trees, we can arrange for these to be professionally sited and planted. This is a specialist job and requires the correct machinery and skill to enable the trees to be happy in their environment. Please enquire for further details.