This is our starting point and our very first meeting. The most important considerations are, what do you want to achieve, how will the garden fit into your lifestyle and what is your style preference. We will come to your home to meet you and to view and assess your garden. We will discuss the project in considerable depth and it is a good opportunity for both parties to get to know each other. Designers can work intimately with clients over extended periods of time so this is the time to show us any pictures or ideas that you may have collected or to discuss any long term goals that you may have.

The initial consultation normally lasts a couple of hours, after which we will set out to you in writing the proposal for your new garden design and provide you with a firm written quotation for all of the design work discussed.

There is a charge of £60 for this consultation and this fee is payable at the time of the visit.

After the Initial design consultation, we will digest all of the information gathered, together with our own design ideas and creativity and formulate the design proposal, together with the fee proposal for the commission. This will be in writing and will explain the way in which we work and ensure that there is a full understanding of both the design process and of the costs involved. Full details of our Terms and Conditions are also sent with the proposal. Once this is signed and returned, we can then proceed to the next stage.

We arrange a second visit to your home to accurately measure the site and to take pictures. If the garden is particularly large or has difficult levels, we would recommend the services of a professional surveyor. We have a professional surveyor that we use and will arrange this service for you. We will collect all of the information required for the design, including soil type analysis (so that only the correct plants are included in the design), the layout of the site and its orientation.

We will also take note of your surrounding area to ensure that any neighbouring views that you may wish screened out are fully taken into account. Based on this visit, we will prepare a full design brief for your perusal. Once the design brief is signed off, we then begin the design work.

Once the design brief has been agreed, Sakura Garden Design Limited will prepare a set of outline drawings incorporating the outline design of the plan. At this stage nothing is finalised, so material choices, detailing or plant selection/colour schemes can all be discussed. It is at this stage that visuals and mood boards are used to allow clients to make informed choices on materials, etc.

Once the client is happy with the outline plan, we then commence the detailed presentation plan.

This is the finalised plan in detail and lays out your finished garden design including hard landscaping, planting areas, materials used, features and any structures incorporated into the design. This is the plan that Landscape Construction companies will build your garden from.

Although there may be some lighting included, we recommend a full lighting plan should the project warrant it.

Should you wish for Sakura Garden Design Limited to Project Monitor your design (this ensures a smooth build of your garden and takes the stress of managing contractors away from yourselves) or to place the work out to tender, we can create construction drawings and full specification for you at this stage.

This plan sets out the correct position of the plants, the full latin names together with images of some or all of the plants used, depending on the plan. For larger planting plans, there will be a mood board showing images of the plants. There is also included a plant schedule, which shows the full plant name, the quantity of the plants and its required size for the nurseries to supply. This is important should you decide to go with your own choice of contractor for the build.