Aspect: South Easterly
Features: Cedar Pavilion, Stone Cappings, Composite Decking, Graphite Planters, Feature lights, Bamboo Screen
Location: Ugley, Essex
Size: 400 sq m
Soil: Essex Clay, Neutral ph
Contractor: Clients Own

The clients had a garden that was quite dark, due to a large overgrown Sycamore Tree in its centre, along with a large partially sunken concrete bunker that was being used as a storage unit. The bunker was surrounded by a high Laurel hedge on two sides. On its surface was the family hot tub covered by an old metal pergola. The outlook from the house was quite limited due mainly to the hedge and it was suggested that the clients remove the tree and bunker, along with the hedge, to open up the garden to the natural light. This also gave them a blank canvas to work with for their design.

The clients were particularly looking for a place to entertain friends and family, but also a place of relaxation where they could spend time together outside, which hadn’t been the case to date.

The brief therefore was to provide a very low maintenance garden that was bright, spacious and modern, but still with a rustic feel. The sunny corner was recommended for a separate seating area, with the large pavilion in the centre for less sunny days, for eating out and for evenings. A lighting system was to be installed and an irrigation system was required for the bamboo screen at the rear.


Ugley, Essex


The composite decking was to provide an all weather area, linking the house to the main pavilion and to the new seating area and hot tub. Graphite planters were placed along the main fence line, with large white pebbles linking this area to other edges in the garden. Sawn upturned landscape sleepers gave the clients the rustic feel that they were after and the Bamboo screen breaks up the view of the fence from the house. The initial design was for larger planting areas, which would have given a lush, blousey feel to the borders, but this was changed for a more low maintenance design as requested by the clients. Apart from sweeping up leaves and cutting the grass, there is very little for the clients to do in the way of maintenance The clients have realised their dreams and now spend a great deal of their spare time in their new garden.